Pleased to meet you, we are GoLedger!

GoLedger is a specialized development company focused on deploying business Blockchains.

Registering information and transactions in the safest, cheapest and most reliable way is an objective that has been pursued over time by several corporations. This is a goal that impacts almost everyone’s life.

We have no doubt that in our complex society, the cost of trust is increasing every day. Whether by the great number of transactions we make or by the ability of individuals to tamper these ecosystems.

Blockchain is the perfect technological and innovative solution to make a unified process shared between several companies or institutions that are independent of each other, with 100% reliability in transactions.

GoLedger’s team works day-by-day with Business Blockchains based on the Hyperledger framework, a Linux Foundation open-source effort available worldwide.



GoLedger was recognized with the iImpact seal, in 2021. The seal is given to the startups that generate very relevant ESG (Environmental Social Governance) impacts in Latin America.

The process evaluated more than 550 startups from 25 different countries divided into three stages, which involved more than 80 evaluators, between Brazilians and foreigners.

GoLedger was recognized as the company that generated the most environmental and social impact in Latin America in SDG 17 – Partnerships and means of implementation, and ranked among the TOP 3 in SDG 16 – Peace, justice and effective institutions.

Strategic Defense Company

Cyber ​​attacks on countries have become a serious problem. Internal threats also appear as greater risks to national security. In critical infrastructures, a single internal threat can cause systems to collapse.

GoLedger is certified as a Strategic Defense Company (EED) by the Ministry of Defense of Brazil, in accordance with the rules established by Law No. 12,598/2012. GoFabric is the only blockchain network orchestration platform accredited by the Ministry of Defense as a Strategic Defense Product (PED).

Selo Empresa Estratégica de Defesa e Produto Estratégico de Defersa
Selo GovTech


The BrazilLAB GovTech Certificate certifies the startups capable to work and sell to different government agencies as GovTech companies.

This is an independent certification granted by BrazilLAB, a non-governmental organization based in São Paulo, SP, and has its criteria developed based on the experiences and knowledge ,in addition to contributions, from consultants, outside lawyers and experts.

Meet our team


Marcos Sarres


Founder of several digital startups such as Aker Security Solutions (first Brazilian Firewall), BlackBull (integration services) and Moneyclip (electronic financial services). He has worked for more than 20 years as an executive in the digital security market, always with an innovative look and a focus on the future market. Mentor of startups in Brazil, frequently invited to be a judge at events in the area, especially hackathons. Vice-chairman of Hyperledger Brazilian regional chapter. Graduated as bachelor and master in Computer Science from University of Brasilia.

Gustavo Sanches


Gustavo Sanches is the Head of the IT Department at the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil – ANAC where he currently leads a Blockchain initiative. It is about to launch its flightlog book in a private Blockchain. Prior to joining ANAC, he implemented virtualization and System integration in the Brazilian Judiciary System. As head of Technologic and Innovation, Mr. Sanches was an active member of several governmental working groups and committees in order to improve interoperability and government integration data for over 15 years. He has successfully implemented paperless systems in four government organizations. He holds a degree in Law, System Analysis and he also has a specialization in Computer Network.

Samuel Venzi


Hyperledger Fabric Administrator certified, graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Brasília. Works on Control Systems, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning. Leading all technical teams inside GoLedger. Back-End Developer, focused on automatic deployment of Blockchain networks, using Hyperledger. Hyperledger Fabric instructor.