Supply Chain Traceability

GoTrace solution is a pre-configured chaincode template compatible with GoFabric that uses Blockchain to perform total control of a supply chain process, from production to retail.

Traceability is essential to ensure that each process has been done with the best practices.

A more effective monitoring can verify any anomaly at production, transportation or storing stages, reducing the chance of failure, and ensuring greater safety for all supply chain.

The control and monitoring of inputs and outputs, whether in production, processing or distribution stages can guarantee the origin and quality of the final product.

GoTrace uses a distributed web service governed by a Blockchain to help the supply chain network to ensure transparency and reliability of processes of a productive sector.

Pre Production

Pre Production

Registration of all pre-production of each raw material with date, quantity, batch, origin, as well as non-conformities found during the receiving of the asset



Registration of the manufacturer production transaction history, raw materials, processing dates, quantity, identification, and eventual problems in the process.



Registration in the Blockchain of the transportation and arrival of the product loads and bales with information about the buyer (id, address, contact, etc.), products and quantities sold, in addition to the batch number.

GoTrace Differentials

  • Product Management

    Process management of all the supply chain stages, enabling a better analysis of quality indicators

  • Inventory Control

    Stock accountability, adding more productivity to the supply chain

  • Quality

    Assists the quality control team in withdrawing products from circulation in the event of a potentially dangerous situation

  • Adding Value to the Product

    Provides reliable information to the consumer, such as origin, processing, transportation, and storage, adding value to the product itself.

  • Regulations

    Law abiding process to follow consumer rights regulations.