Companies struggle to

Organizations lose resources due to inefficiency

Increasingly, corporations are collaborating with each other, which comes at the expense of inefficient procedures that may compromise security, time and resources of the companies.

GoFabric empowers companies to share and integrate data

Any company is now able to deploy a distributed data network. Just set the properties of the data to be shared and define participants of the network. Afterwards a trust network will be ready to use, where parties share the same information, version history and are able to integrate to their internal systems.

Data sharing networks made easy

GoFabric is a platform built with the tools needed to allow organizations to create a complete data sharing process with their business partners, where business rules are created and modified in a distributed private network powered by a permissioned blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric.

Ready to Use in a Few Minutes

The platform configures the infrastructure needed to deploy the network, such as virtual machines, app containers, digital certificates, REST APIs and a front-end interface

Personalized access

Each organization is provided with a personalized web interface, configured with all data patterns where they are able to create, edit, delete and show version history of information or assets

Structured information

Corporations are able to control ownership of assets as well as having the power to configure the correct information pattern and its properties that are shared among all companies involved

Smooth integration

Organizations are also able to integrate the new formatted data set to its own databases via a full REST API and a Swagger toolkit which is able to perform CRUD operations to each asset shared

  • Manage Your Network

    All the tools you need to take control over your organization.

  • Use your own chaincode

    Want to get your hands dirty? We deploy your own Go developed chaincode.

  • Or Choose One of Our Solutions

    You can also choose one of our many solutions: data-sharing, supply-chain, GDPR and more!