Business Network Orchestration

GoFabric is a top notch Blockchain orchestrator platform with several important features:

  • Deploy and manage permissioned Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain business networks
  • Manage distributed data-buses and APIs
  • DevOps features for Hyperledger Fabric development, testing and production modes.

Creating a Blockchain network using the Hyperledger Fabric framework may be a daunting task. Not mentioning performing the correct administration of a business network. Many worries need to be tackled by the tech team: the scaling of the network, deployment of new nodes, new organizations, new smart contracts and so on.

In addition, network governance and compliance is a very important part of the process and needs to be carried out consistently and efficiently.

GoFabric platform is developed by GoLedger and provides the perfect solution for orchestrating Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric networks, with all the necessary artifacts and features to create a complete DLT.

Hyperledger Fabric Network Adminstration

GoFabric performs several network tasks such as the deployment of a permissioned Blockchain using the Hyperledger Fabric technology, allowing multiple organizations and their nodes to be joined, as well as the instantiation of smart contracts (chaincodes) within the channel.

The platform makes it easier to to create, expand and work on the governance and maintenance of scalable blockchain networks.

Our mission is to facilitate the administration of blockchain networks so that technical teams can focus on their business and not the technology.

GoFabric works on Linux operating system and supports the orchestration of an unlimited number of nodes on the blockchain network. It can be installed on-premises or as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) at:


The network nodes can be instantiated in any private, hybrid or public cloud, GoFabric is a totally cloud agnostic environment. So, no matter where the virtual machines or clusters are running, you’ll be sure they’re fit for GoFabric.

Important Features

Easy to to create, maintain and scale blockchain networks

Simple and intuitive platform, allowing users with few technical Blockchain knowledge to create their networks and APIs

Compatible with any cloud: private, hybrid, public or on-premise

Totally agnostic, available for public, private or hybrid clouds, regardless of cloud service provider.

Smart contracts (chaincodes) and web services management.

Create new smart contracts, import contracts that have already been developed or use pre-configured chaincode templates.

Scale your Blockchain without service interruption

Manage your network in a simplified and intuitive way without the services or APIs being interrupted.

  • Scalable

    New smart contracts, nodes, APIs and organizations, any time.

  • Flexible

    Edit chaincode data mapping, endorsement policies, read/write permissions and more with a simple click.

  • Security

    Total control of read/write permissions of assets registered in an immutable ledger

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