Processes and Documents Management

GoProcess solution is a pre-configured chaincode template compatible with GoFabric that uses Blockchain to grant reliability throughout digital document flow.

Digitization, electronic signing, and redundant document storage are technologies that increases the usage of digital documents. It is necessary to improve trust and traceability for the digital documents, and the Blockchain is the perfect tool to achieve it.

GoProcess can be used to protocol, sign, lock, audit or notarize files within a process. As a result, these files can be located quickly and, in addition to reducing paper costs, physical storage, ink, toner, folders, boxes, and so on.

Time Stamp

Time Stamp

Each document update is registered in a Blockchain network in chronological order, with a time stamp provided by the electronic signing.

Electronic Signing

Electronic Signing

Each information registered in the Blockchain is signed by a digital certificate.

Zero Paper

Zero Paper

Zero Paper processes can be achieved by the usage of a Blockchain, connecting file and application servers.

GoProcess Differentials

  • Document Traceability

    Search and history of files and documents

  • Document Signinig

    File and document signing using digital certificates

  • Electronic Receipts

    File transfer receipts between entities registered in a Blockchain

  • Process Unicity

    All participants have the same information and instant knowledge of the actual document

  • Paper Zero

    Documents are treated digitally, reducing the need for paper documents.