Blockchain Development

Improve your Hyperledger Fabric development with GoLedger CC-Tools chaincode library

Are you a developer looking to create a Hyperledger Fabric smart contract (chaincode)? Does your company need a chaincode that is fully customized for your needs?

Developing a chaincode from scratch can be time consuming and requires developers to have a familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric concepts. GoLedger provides an open-source library and templates that can greatly speed up development time: this is GoLedger CC-Tools.

Meet GoLedger CC-Tools

GoLedger CC-Tools is an open-source library and has several artifacts to help the development of Hyperledger Fabric smart contracts (chaincodes)

  • cc-tools: GoLang Library
  • cc-tools-demo: Chaincode example
  • rest-server: Standard Rest web service with integrated Hyperledger Fabric client
  • cc-web: Web application for connecting to Hyperledger Fabric clients and using rest-server endpoints

GoLedger CC-Tools increases productivity in Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain development with flexible architecture that allows the programming journey from development environment to production system to be much simpler and faster.

Some of the features that make CC-Tools so powerful:

  • Custom asset definitions
  • Custom transaction definitions
  • Custom data type definitions
  • Primary and composite key management
  • Integrated CRUD for all assets
  • Integrated history for all assets

Watch the tutorial video demonstration of a Hyperledger Fabric network deployment using CC-Tools.

Access the official GoLedger CC-Tools open-source library documentation for the details of this powerful smart contract development tool.