Digital Consent Portal for Personal Data

GoPrivacy solution is a pre-configured chaincode template compatible with the GoFabric platform and used for tracking personal data and manage digital consents in blockchain, as defined in GDPR based regulations.

The costs of adapting legacy systems that use personal data to GDPR based regulations can be high.

GoPrivacy solution enables digital personal data management and governance such as:

  • Digital consent management
  • Right to be forgotten
  • Personal data life cycle (data mapping & data discovery)
  • Personal data transfer among entities
  • Databases (that register personal info) indexation

Consent Manager

Consent Manager

Blockchain audit trail of all consents (authorization/revocation) for the use of personal data by processes managed in a distributed data-bus.


Database Indexing

Database Indexing

Indexing databases that register personal data existing in the company, or business group, for the proper treatment of information.

Data Leak Incidents

Data Leak Incidents

Proper treatment of data leaks or attacks that threats personal data, identifying the type of incident, affected bases, among others

GoPrivacy Differentials

  • Compliance

    Fully compatible with GDPR based laws for the protection of personal data

  • Data Integrity

    It guarantees the unicity of the personal data information

  • Distributed Search

    Personal data search using distributed web services governed by a Blockchain

  • Privacy

    No personal data registered in the Blockchain, only indexes and hashes

  • Management

    Total control of personal data

  • Auditable

    Blockchain audit trail with immutability and electronic signing